A movie about achieving happiness and reaching your dreams

Hello everyone! Welcome to The Sepra Club, you may wonder what this website is all about. It’s about ordinary people who has extraordinary talent and is willing to share it to the world.

I just finished watching “Marvellous” which is a movie about the true story of Neil Baldwin. The movie is really marvelous. One thing I’ve learned about the movie is to be positive all the time. Other people may find excuses or busy finding holes, you are just there filling up the holes and looking for solutions. Finally, the most important point that I’ve learned from Neil Baldwin is achieving dreams. When you have a dream, share is to the world and the people will help you achieve it. If you haven’t watched it, I highly recommend that you do. Here’s the trailer:


Perfect way to share your talent

I just got home from mass. I’ve gained some really good insights from our Parish priest. It’s very important that we Pray, Fast and do some Alms giving.

At the end of the mass, there was a announcement about calling all who have a talent in singing may participate or join in the music ministry and I thought what a perfect way to share a talent.

I strongly believe that God gave us the talent for a reason and I believe we are responsible for our talent and we must put it in good use. Using it to praise Him is a very good way to share. This is just my short thought of this night and I hope I gave at least some value in you today.

Have a wonderful evening and a blessed night.

Your talent is God’s gift to you, What you do with it is your gift back to God.

Musical Dryness

When you first started learning guitar, there will be times when you’ll get bored especially when you can’t see results yet. My advice would be to be patient and respect yourself. Sometimes you need to ask yourself, why are you doing this? Why do you want to learn?

I remember my co-seafarer on one of my vessel assignment. He was 45 years old, as far as I could remember, and one time he heard me play guitar at our messroom and when I finished playing, I walked along the hallway.

I surprise he followed me, then asked if it’s too late to learn to play the guitar. I said to him, “In music, AGE really doesn’t matter.” then I asked him why do you want to learn?

He said he wanted to surprise his wife when he gets home after the completion of his contract. He wanted to learn at least one song for six months and he ask me if that’s even possible then I said, “If that’s your why, then you’ll learn fast and maybe you’ll learn more than 1 song if you’re consistent.”

3 months have passed and then something happened, he stopped learning. I believe he is quitting. I asked him what’s wrong and he keep saying that he hasn’t seen results. I told him he’s improving and I keep telling him to always compare himself to his old self when he was still on Day 1. Unfortunately, that didn’t motivate him.

I know he was on the stage of Musical Dryness then I asked him again, “What’s your reason why you want to learn?” then he became silent. He may answered that question on his mind. I was surprise when at that night he started learning again until he learned his first song, which was their theme song.

After 6 months, he was better. He couldn’t even believe that he was playing the guitar. My co-seafarers was jealous when he learned and then  they asked me is they could learn too and then I said why not.

What happened to my co-seafarer was which I called, “Musical Dryness”. It’s an attitude problem wherein you will lose motivation in learning guitar. It is normal and it’s part of the learning process. When you want to learn, you must first have a strong reason  why and that will be your motivation to keep going.

Here’s a great pic about motivation that you might like. I got it from my Pinterest account.

what can i say to myself

Wish you all the best my friends. 🙂

DocDroid, my friend.

I’ve been looking for ways to upload my Lessons which are in PDF format so that you can view it just by clicking on the link and I want it to be downloadable for free.

I’ve found Scribd, which is unfortunately free for a month. Still have no money and looking for a free services and then I’ve found DocDroid and it’s in beta and I believe it’s free and it is great.

Money keeps me from being creative.

I wanted to create a great website but I have no money on the bank. Oh well, I’m glad there is a free service from WordPress where I can just create a free blog temporarily. I’m not even half way creating the free guitar lessons for you guys but I have all the time I need, I just need to manage my time properly.

I’m at Manila far away from my family in Cagayan de Oro City. I miss my wife especially my little boy who is just 1 year old. Anyway, why not make use of the time I have to give value to you guys. I know and I believe someday, I’ll be living my dream and right now I’m working with my passion which is to teach you guys how to play guitar. I’m different and I’m unique and you will love me.

Hello Future Friends!

I would like to apologize. The site is currently under construction. I’m setting it up for you to become comfortable when learning. Before you leave please do Like the Page on Facebook, The Sepra Club. I’m very happy and I’m so excited about you guys, building relationships and getting to know you someday. Once again, I’m very sorry and I hope I could get this done fast so we could get started right away.

Just a Guy from the Philippines who loves music and is willing to share his talent to the world.

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